Backup4all 1.2 released, with improved backup speed

Backup4all 1.2 was released. This is a major version release and contains a lot of new features and improvements. This version has an improved backup speed, option to minimize to tray and other important updates.

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Backup4all 1.1 released

Backup4all v1.1 is now available. This is an important update, as it optimizes the backup and restore speed

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Backup4all 1.0 released

Backup4all 1.0 was released. This is the first release of our backup application.

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End-of-life rules for older Backup4all versions

The end-of-life for a major product version of Backup4all occurs when we released 3 newer major versions. So for instance if you have Backup4all version 1.x, its end-of-life will occur when Backup4all 4.x is released.

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