Backup4all 2.2 was released, with DVD support

Backup4all 2.2 was released. This is a major version release and contains a lot of new features and improvements. It includes DVD support, a new Backup4all edition, options to test/verify the backups and other improvements.

It is a free upgrade for existing users. You can download it here:

What’s new in Backup4all 2.2:

  • New Backup4all edition (Classic)
  • Added DVD support. Extended CD support
  • Test/verify files automatically after backup (uses CRC32)
  • Possibility to test/verify backup job integrity with a click of a button at any time
  • Preview files before restoring
  • Possibility to keep multiple versions for full and differential backup
  • Possibility to limit the number versions for full and differential backup
  • Switching between full, differential or incremental backup types does not clear the backup data anymore
  • Copy files directly into destination folder for mirror backup
  • Set backup, test and restore thread priorities
  • New Backup Wizard, Backup Properties and Restore Wizard dialogs are now resizable
  • Log system has been revised. Added log for restore and test actions
  • Remember columns width, position and state (visible/invisible) for all grids inside application
  • Option to make each backup on a new (removable) disk
  • Improved statistics
  • Optimized zip testing
  • Choose ASPI layer to use (internal or external)
  • After backup program/action was executed between backup and test. Now is executed after test.
  • Help file adjustments
  • WinXP SP2 compatibility
  • Fixed writing large zip files to DVD
  • Fixed merging backups
  • Fixed backup statistics
  • Fixed “List index out of bounds” problem that happens when there were only excluded files
  • Other minor bug fixes

This update is free for all registered users of Backup4all 2.x, for previous version owners (i.e. 1.x) you have the option to upgrade by visiting this URL:

As always we welcome any feedback regarding this release, so feel free to add your comment here or add a post on our Forums if you’re already a member.