Support for version 7.x is discontinued

Starting with September 30th, 2023, Backup4all version 7.x is no longer supported. If you are still using version 7.x (or previous) we highly recommend upgrading to the latest version. This will ensure you get the latest updates and email support.

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How to configure Backup4all to back-up to SFTP-To-Go

Backup4all is as a comprehensive backup solution designed for safeguarding specific files, folders and even application settings. It’s capable of running full backups, differential backups (capturing all changes since the last full backup), incremental backups (encompassing changes since the last full, differential, or incremental backup) and mirror backups. As far as destinations, Backup4all has support for local, external, network, remote (FTP/SFTP) and Cloud (Google Drive & Cloud Storage, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Azure, BOX, Hidrive and 37+ S3 Compatible cloud destinations).

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Backup4all 9.8.805 released, with new plugins & discount

Backup4all v9.8.805 is now available. This minor update adds several new backup plugins and new shared Google Drive source/destination.

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Backup4all adds 2 new languages: Klingon and Elvish

We’ve got an exciting new announcement for you: as of today, Backup4all has added two new languages to its list of supported languages: Klingon and Elvish (Tengwar Quenya to be more precise)!

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Backup4all is now available on the Microsoft Store

We are pleased to announce that Backup4all is now available for download from the official Microsoft Store.

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How-to: Schedule multiple backups at once

When you define a new backup job, the wizard allows you to easily schedule that backup job to run automatically. However, there are situations when you want to schedule multiple backup jobs at once. That’s why we have added a new article to our Knowledgebase, that explains how you can schedule multiple backup jobs at […]

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AIMP backup plugin released

We’ve added a new free backup plugin that can be used in Backup4all, for AIMP. We currently offer 239 backup plugins that can be loaded in Backup4all to back-up specific application files.

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