Backup4all adds “Above-the-Cloud” backup destination

We have great news for all Backup4all users! We’ve recently launched a new version that will allow Backup4all to back-up to a new destination: Above-the-Cloud.

Backup4all already includes more than 50 cloud destinations (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive), allowing users to protect their data remotely. We worked hard for the past year to bring to life one of the ideas we’ve had for a while, sending backups in space for safe storage. Ever since Backup4all started being used on the International Space Station, we thought on ways to use this opportunity to provide even more security to our users’ data.

Don’t get us wrong, cloud backups are extremely secure as remote backup destinations, but those cannot compare in terms of security to above-the-cloud backups. Imagine Earth being hit by a huge meteor, your data would still be safe and sound if it’s stored in space. Or God-forbid a nuclear blast that would destroy everything – well, everything but your data that’s stored in space, waiting for you to get out of the bunker and restore it with Backup4all.

Our newly launched Above-the-Cloud backup destination brings a whole new meaning to data security, and we’re happy to announce that we’re the first ones to launch such a feature. If you’re an existing client, simply do a Check for Updates to get the new version. If you’re not yet a client, use the link below to download it: Download Backup4all April 1st Special Edition

Where exactly are the Above-the-Cloud (ATC) backups stored? Well, these are physically stored on the International Space Station! 🛰️ That’s right, your precious data will now be safeguarded beyond the bounds of Earth’s atmosphere, nestled snugly aboard the ISS.

How does it work, you ask? Well, through a key partnership we’re able to use a fleet of mini-satellites that we nicknamed “Data Drones”. These basically shuttle your data to and from the ISS. After a backup runs on your computer that has the ATC destination, your backed up data is sent to one of the HDDs from a data drone. Once enough spots are filled on the drone, it is automatically dispatched towards the ISS. Once it gets close enough, it does a NFC transfer of data from the drone to the ISS above-the-cloud storage we’ve rented.

These cosmic couriers will ensure your data is safely stored amongst the stars, away from any earthly mishaps. Please note, backup and restore operations when using Above-the-Cloud as a destination have a few hours’ delay due to the actual physical transfer of data.

Wait, there’s a bit more! We’ve also patented a “SpaceShield” technology, which basically ensures that your data will be protected from cosmic radiation, meteor showers, and even alien interference. It’s like a Fort Knox… but in space!

Next time you’re backing up your files, remember: aim for the stars with Backup4all’s Above-the-Cloud backups! Because when it comes to data security, the sky is no longer the limit. Happy April 1st!