Backup4all 3 was released with FTP backup and email notifications

Backup4all 3.0 was released. This is a major version release and contains a lot of new features and improvements. It includes options to backup open files, backup to FTP, email notifications, AES encryption and other improvements.

It is a free upgrade for existing users. You can download it here:

What’s new in Backup4all 3.0:

  • Backup locked or open files (XP/2003)
  • Backup to FTP
  • Email notifications (success, error, warning notifications)
  • AES encryption (128, 192 and 256-bit)
  • Predefined backup added for Outlook Express
  • New scheduler (runs as a service)
  • Store local catalogs
  • Independent spanned backups
  • Added secondary built-in burning engine
  • Delete sources after successful backup
  • Delete empty directories
  • New prefix TAGS for zip and mirror folders
  • Improved “Create Shortcut” feature
  • New scheduler options: “Show errors and warnings” and “Ask for user input when backup cannot continue”
  • Possibility to specify username and password for LAN destinations
  • <Hibernate> added to the “Perform action after backup” actions list
  • Added new attributes in the Filters and in the Comparison Criteria
  • Backup test performed after writing each disc
  • Added “Make full backup” option to Incremental backup type also
  • Toggle toolbar buttons hints and captions
  • “Show errors in tray” option
  • Visualization modes for Normal/Windows/Scheduler startup
  • Custom file locations (for temporary, initialization, log, catalog file folder)
  • Change background color option
  • Help file re-written
  • Improved design

This update is free for all registered users of Backup4all 3.x, for previous version owners (i.e. 2.x) you have the option to upgrade by visiting this URL:

As always we welcome any feedback regarding this release, so feel free to add your comment here or add a post on our Forums if you’re already a member.