Backup4all 9.7: new permanent activation option and cloud improvements

Backup4all v9.7 is now available. This is an important update, as it adds a new permanent activation option and includes multiple cloud destination improvements. We highly recommend downloading the update here: Download Backup4all.

What is the new permanent activation option?

By default Backup4all requires periodic re-activation. If your computer is connected to the internet, the reactivation is done without any user input so you do not have to do anything.

However, if your computer does not have Internet access, user input is required for re-activating Backup4all manually. Until version 9.6 these were the only 2 options available.

Starting with version 9.7, it is now possible to choose a permanent re-activation option. If you choose this option and activate the application using it, no periodic re-activation will be necessary. However, your license will have some limitations:

  • licenses that use permanent re-activations cannot be reset
  • you won’t be able to request a refund for a license with permanent re-activations
  • you won’t be able to request an activation reset request for licenses with permanent re-activations (i.e. in case you move to a new computer)
  • no upgrades will be available for licenses with permanent activations.

What’s new in Backup4all 9.7

  • Added: New regions for Wasabi backup destination
  • Added: Option to permanently activate a product key.
  • Added: Backup Plugin for REVE Antivirus
  • Updated: Polish translation for the interface
  • Updated: Multithreading performance for Amazon S3 and Azure online destinations
  • Fixed: File is not a valid boolean value error
  • Fixed: Application stuck during “updating catalog” phase
  • Fixed: Error trying to write more data than space on optical discs

This version update is free for all users that have an existing valid license of Backup4all 9.x.

However, this version is not free for users of previous versions of Backup4all (1.x – 8.x). If you own a previous version and want to test Backup4all 9.7, you can install a 30 day free trial here: Download Backup4all 9.7.

Notice to previous versions users (Backup4all 8.x or older): Backup4all 9.7 will be installed separately and allows you to import the backup jobs from the previous version (once imported, they cannot be used in the previous version). To upgrade visit this page: Upgrade Backup4all

Of course, as always we encourage feedback so if you want to share with us your opinion regarding this new release feel free to add your comment.