Backup4all 9.5 released, with multiple parallel thread processing

Backup4all v9.5 is now available. This is an important update, as it adds support for using multiple parallel threads. You can either set the number of threads manually or leave it on automatic. This improves the speed of  backups and other actions for online backups thus we highly recommend the upgrade. You can download the new version here: Download Backup4all.

What’s new in Backup4all 9.5

  • Added: Option to increase online backup speed by using multiple parallel threads
  • Added: Automatic resource allocation to improve online backup speed
  • Fixed: Duplicates were not allowed
  • Fixed: Listing files when using Google Drive as a destination
  • Fixed: Restore from Google Drive Error: Premature end of file reached
  • Fixed: Backup over 1000 files from OneDrive
  • Fixed: Each Box source expand requires authentication

This version update is free for all users that have an existing valid license of Backup4all 9.x.

However, this version is not free for users of previous versions of Backup4all (1.x – 8.x). If you own a previous version and want to test Backup4all 9.4, you can install a 30 day free trial here: Download Backup4all 9.5.

Furthermore, only Backup4all 9.x has been tested and is fully compatible with Windows 11. We cannot guarantee that older versions (i.e. 8.x or older) are still compatible with Windows 11, and those aren’t actively developed anymore. We highly recommend upgrading to the latest version to be sure your backups will continue to run even after you migrate to Windows 11.

Notice to previous versions users (Backup4all 8.x or older): Backup4all 9.5 will be installed separately and allows you to import the backup jobs from the previous version (once imported, they cannot be used in the previous version).

To upgrade visit this page: Upgrade Backup4all

Of course, as always we encourage feedback so if you want to share with us your opinion regarding this new release feel free to add your comment.