Backup4all 9.2, with improved backup speed and new import option

Backup4all v9.2 is now available. This version comes with important features and updates thus we highly recommend the upgrade. It includes an automated file copy method switch to optimize backup speed for large files, a new backup job import option, language updates, several specific fixes and more. You can download the new version here: Download Backup4all.

What’s new in Backup4all 9.2

  • Added: Backup speed improvements. We have optimized the backup speed for backups that contain files larger than 1Gb by switching to a new file copy method. For files less than 1Gb, the regular copy method is used so those backups work as before.
  • Added: Import backup job for all users. The new version includes a command line option that allows you to import backup jobs from previous versions of Backup4all for all Windows users. 
  • Updated: Slovenian language completed
  • Updated: Romanian language completed
  • Updated: Removed default file size limit for FTP and SFTP
  • Updated: Deleted zip files are included in logs too
  • Updated: Log limit number of backups for all storages
  • Updated: Mirror backup speed improvements
  • Updated: Log files are outputted in UTF-8
  • Updated: Implemented new Dropbox API
  • Fixed: Limit backup versions was not working on Google Drive
  • Fixed: Limit number of backups/files not enabled when editing properties
  • Fixed: Bbackup.exe processes were not closed after backups in some situations
  • Fixed: Test fixes for empty folders
  • Fixed: Customize filter with Users folder was not shown in Explore View
  • Fixed: Drag and drop source file/folder issue in some situations
  • Fixed: Unneeded scroll into view when backup list progress is updated
  • Fixed: Some notification settings were missing

Notice to previous versions users (Backup4all 8.x or older): Backup4all 9.2 will be installed separately and allows you to import the backup jobs from the previous version (once imported, they cannot be used in the previous version). To upgrade visit this page: Upgrade Backup4all

This version update is free for all users that have an existing valid license of Backup4all 9.x.

However, this version is not free for users of previous versions of Backup4all (1.x – 8.x). If you own a previous version and want to test Backup4all 9.2, you can install a 30 day free trial here: Download Backup4all 9.2. Of course, as always we encourage feedback so if you want to share with us your opinion regarding this new release feel free to add your comment.