Backup4all 3.7 was released, with new command line params

Backup4all 3.7 was released. This is a major version release and contains a lot of new features and improvements.

It is a free upgrade for existing users. You can download it here:

What’s new in Backup4all 3.7:

  • Option added to make Backup4all’s settings available for current user/all users
  • New parameters for command line installation: CURRENTUSER, SETTINGSFOLDER
  • Option to change location of Settings folder
  • All settings are now kept in .ini files (were stored in registry before)
  • Fixed: CRC checking and independent splits corrections
  • Fixed: Clear backup did not clear the folder created on FTP
  • Fixed: Invalid parameter when clicking first time on OTB button
  • Other minor bug fixes

This update is free for all registered users of Backup4all 3.x, for previous version owners (i.e. 2.x) you have the option to upgrade by visiting this URL:

As always we welcome any feedback regarding this release, so feel free to add your comment here or add a post on our Forums if you’re already a member.