Backup4all 3.5 was released, with new notification option

Backup4all 3.5 was released. This is a major version release and contains a lot of new features and improvements. It adds new notification options and test operations.

It is a free upgrade for existing users. You can download it here:

What’s new in Backup4all 3.5:

  • Option to send email notifications after the “Test” operation
  • “Test” operation added as action in “Scheduler”
  • “Test” operation added as action in “Create Shortcut”
  • “Restore Latest Version”, “Restore Latest Version To” added as drop down actions for the “Restore” toolbar option (restore the latest version without showing the “Restore Wizard”)
  • “Do not create drive letter folder” option added in “Restore Wizard”
  • “Clear backup before run” option added in “Scheduler”
  • “Clear backup before run” option added in “Create Shortcut”
  • New parameters for <Clear backup> action: dw (day of week, 1-7) and dm (day of month, 1-30)
  • New parameters for command line: /TEST (/T), /CLEAR (/C)

This update is free for all registered users of Backup4all 3.x, for previous version owners (i.e. 2.x) you have the option to upgrade by visiting this URL:

As always we welcome any feedback regarding this release, so feel free to add your comment here or add a post on our Forums if you’re already a member.