Backup Plugin: REVE Antivirus

We’ve added a new free backup plugin that can be used in Backup4all. This means we currently offer 231 backup plugins that can be loaded in Backup4all to back-up specific application files. In case you’d like to see the full list, you can view it here: Backup Plugins

The new backup plugin is for REVE Antivirus. As its name suggests, it is an antivirus that protects your computer from all kind of malware and threats.

What is REVE Antivirus

REVE Antivirus is a security suite which provides protection from viruses, spyware, malware and all types of online threats, ensuring complete digital security. It does include email security and protection from phishing attempts. The application is developed since 2014 as an entity of REVE Group, a Singapore based conglomerate operating in areas like IP communications, web based software, and roaming application.

How to backup and restore REVE Antivirus using the Backup4all plugin

First of all, how does the new backup plugin help? The plugin will help you back-up REVE Antivirus’ files and registry entries, so that if you reinstall the program or migrate it to a different computer you’ll be able to restore its settings and files with Backup4all. Basically you won’t have to figure out which files you need to move/copy when you reinstall REVE Antivirus, as the plugin will automatically select the correct files as source for the backup.

In order to backup REVE Antivirus, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the backup plugin here: REVE Antivirus backup plugin
  2. After you installed the plugin in Backup4all, define a backup job for REVE Antivirus.
  3. Press Save and run the backup.

If you don’t know exactly how to install plugins or want to read how to restore the REVE Antivirus files after a fresh system installation read more here: REVE Antivirus backup plugin details

Is there an application you use that we don’t have a backup plugin for? We’re always adding new backup plugins so feel free to let us know the name of the application and we’ll create a backup plugin for it.