hubiC is discontinued

hubiC is (actually was) a cloud storage solution released in 2011 by OVH, a popular European storage provider. At its height, their Public Cloud Storage solution hosted over 100 PB of data, the equivalent of 25 billion MP3s or 300 million hours of video.

We added hubiC as a cloud destination for backups in Backup4all 7.0.174, on 12-Oct-2017, due to requests from our users. Unfortunately, hubiC was discontinued. For a while they allowed existing accounts to log-in and their API was still available, but recently they’ve discontinued access to their API. Backup4all needs API access to communicate with hubiC, and since that was terminated we are forced to remove hubiC as a cloud backup destination.

If you are using Backup4all 7, 8 or 9 you will notice in the next update that hubiC will be removed from the list of available destinations. Don’t worry though, we still have support for 45 other cloud backup destinations, so if you were using hubiC it’s easy to find an alternative (i.e. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive). You can see here a full list of Backup4all destinations.