How-to: Encrypt your mirror backup data on the cloud

We’ve added a new article to our Knowledgebase, that explains how you can encrypt your mirror backup data on the cloud, even if the data is not archived: How to encrypt your mirror backed up data files on cloud

One of the 4 main backup types that Backup4all supports is mirror backup. The mirror backup type will basically copy the source files into the destination in the original format, by default without archiving them like the other backup types do in a single zip file. While mirror backup has its advantages especially for those that want more a synchronization than a backup, it can be problematic if it contains sensitive data that needs to be protected.

However, even the mirror backup type has an option to archive files. It doesn’t create a single archive with all files though, instead it can archive files individually. This means that you are able to encrypt the mirror backup files.

The advantage of this method is that you still have in the destination the same files/folders structure as in the source, while still having the files protected with a password.

Encrypting the files is very easy, in the New Backup Wizard step where you select the type of backup, simply check the option Zip the files – after that the encryption section becomes active and you can password protect your mirror backup files.

This is a summary of the full article we’ve recently posted. For a detailed tutorial on how you can encrypt the zip files that mirror backup creates you have to read the full article in our Knowledgebase: How to encrypt your mirror backed up data files on cloud