[Expired] Giveaway – Norton Internet Security 2012

Update: We’ve picked the five lucky winners: J T (entry no. 1068), ferruh candan (entry no. 158), emrah ataman (entry no. 9), Firdaus Mukhtaruddin (entry no. 405) and Suyanto Milanistik (entry no. 1426). We’ve already contacted them, if you’re on this list and haven’t received an email yet please contact us directly at [email protected] to receive your key. In case we can’t get in touch with one of the winners after several attempts, we will pick 5 reserves and select another winner.

You can see a video of how we selected the winners here:

Lastly, if you are one of the winners you could help us by posting in the comments what was your estimated winning chance (the plugin we use, Punchtab, shows this when you login). This helps us decide if its accuracy is good, or we need to find another too. Thank you all for participating and keep close as we’ll have more coming.

We’re back with a new giveaway, this time from the most popular anti-virus solution provider, Norton. We tried to get our hands on the newly released Windows 8 version, but no luck as Steve said he was occupied with some presentation – we’ll keep trying though.

We have 5 licenses to give away for Norton Internet Security 2012, just scroll down until you see the giveaway widget box to participate. Since these giveaways are a regular thing now on our blog (it’s your fault, as you’re making these popular 🙂 ), be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed to be automatically announced when one is published.

Same giveaway rules apply:

  • Each license is valid for 1 year and can be installed on up to 3 different PCs
  • The winners will have the same benefits as a regular paying customer of Norton IS 2012
  • There are no restrictions at all to participate, anyone can sign-up for this giveaway and we encourage you to invite as many friends as possible. You get extra chances for the giveaway when you invite someone, and given that Halloween is right around the corner would be a great discussion topic for an after-party (we’re all geeks, what other topic could be more appropriate for a party than a free antivirus giveaway)
  • The giveaway begins now and ends one week from now, on Monday, November the 5th, 2012

After the giveaway ends, we pick 5 winners randomly (plus 5 reserves) and contact them via email, announce them on our blog and Facebook page. If a winner doesn’t reply to our email in 5 working days after receiving the notification email, we reserve the right to select someone else from the reserves.

All you have to do to participate is sign-up for the giveaway using the widget below (you can sign-up using your Facebook account or by entering your email address).

We’re also running a giveaway for Emsisoft Internet Security on novaPDF’s blog, check it out too if you are interested: Emsisoft IS 2012 Giveaway.

About NIS 2012

Symantec’s Norton Internet Security is one of the most popular security suites, and they have a history of creating software that sticks with the user (remember the good old days when you ran Norton Utilities to “clean” your computer – if you don’t you’re too young).

Norton IS scored passes on all the Virus Bulletin tests it was entered in so far (2010, 2011 and 2012) and was also rated as one of the best security bundles for 2012 by PCMag http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2372364,00.asp – that really says something.

Features of Norton Internet Security include:

  • The Norton Protection System – a unique system that provides four different layers of protection to stop online threats proactively before they can infect the user’s computer.
  • Insight – this utility checks different file parameters like origin and age to stop new online threats before causing trouble on the computer.
  • Norton Safe Web – blocks or warns the user (depending on the settings chosen) on unsafe or fake websites when he browses the internet.
  • Norton Management – this over the cloud feature helps the client manage his Symantec product from anywhere right over the Internet.
  • Browser protection – checks and blocks online threats as the web browser loads to stop any threats before doing any damage on the computer.
  • SONAR 4 Behavioral Protection – the computer behavior is monitored constantly for suspicious actions to detect and stop new threats efficiently.
  • FREE 24×7 support – clients get phone, live chat or online support whenever they need it.
  • Anti-phishing technology – this stops fraudulent websites from stealing the user’s identity and his money.
  • Norton Pulse Updates – this allows the computer protection to be updated every 5 to 15 min for up-to-the-minute protection against the latest threats.
  • Email and IM monitoring – scans IM and emails for suspicious links and files that may cause harm on the computer.
  • Professional-strength spam blocking – keeps all the local mailboxes free of spam and other fraudulent emails.
  • Smart two-way firewall – keeps out unwanted connections and also makes security decisions based on the user’s feedback.
  • Norton Bootable Recovery Tool allows creating a bootable system disk that gets the computer back up and running even if it’s so infected that it won’t start up.

Overall, Norton Internet Security works well and it is kind on resources from our tests that were made on an older computer with Windows XP and also on a virtual machine running Windows 7. Also, the application setup is very quick and requires a single mouse click to complete. The simple or detailed view switch aims to please both beginners/home users and professionals/companies alike.

The only minor downsize is the size of the installer, but on the other hand what’s 114Mb these days, a dozen seconds over a good connection.